We develop and implement
for mass production printing in technologies:

Automated Screen Printing - printing with solvent inks and UV light curable

Digital Printing

Multilayer Pad Printing

Laser Marking


We develop and implement mass production of prints, among others in screen printing technology, using solvent inks and UV light-cured. Thanks to the use of an automated process, we obtain a competitive price simultaneously maintaining functional properties – adhesion to the substrate and high chemical resistance.


The printing method is performed using an electrophotographic printing machine. The image is created directly on the basis of data sent from a computer without the use of intermediate media and printing forms, which allows you to save on the cost of their preparation, shorten the time of changeovers and implementation, and minimize inventory. For the same reasons, almost any personalization of each individual copy of printed materials is possible.


The use and implementation of digital printing in production brings a number of benefits:


  • The use and implementation of digital printing in production brings a number of benefits:

Access to a large number of production variants and personalization of the print of each piece. The available full-color palette and unlimited variability in printing allows for quick and efficient implementation of new product variants for mass production at a competitive price. Using this technology, it is also possible to make short, seasonal production batches.


  • Very good properties

High adhesion, chemical, and mechanical resistance. The flexibility of the printing method allows the technology to be adapted to the requirements of the application, which directly translates into obtaining a beneficial quality-price ratio of the final product.


  • Technology innovation

Using the possibilities of digital printing gives a number of new possibilities, e.g. incremental printing – Braille printing.


  • Environmentally friendly technology

By using digital printing, we minimize environmentally hazardous waste. 99% of consumables are applied to the final product. With the use of this technology, we do not burden the environment with large amounts of chemical waste.


  • Price competitiveness

The advantage of technology over classic printing methods allows you to get the lowest price while maintaining aesthetics and performance.


The technique of applying printing ink using a silicone rubber pad to transfer images. The method is intended for printing small, curved surfaces. Provides good quality of simple designs.