We build comprehensive automation solutions for use in mass production dedicated to assembly / cooperation with conventional injection molding machines and specialized processes – CO2 laser cutting / marking / labeling / wrapping.


For the needs of our clients, we build and implement individual stands and / or comprehensive technological lines that take into account:


  • quality control of each product
  • automatic assembly with position / quality / product measurement
  • registering the operational parameters of each manufactured item
  • marking each piece produced


The benefits of production automation

The automation of the production process is aimed at obtaining a much higher production efficiency and its excellent repeatability, thanks to which it is easier to plan production precisely and you can expect a real improvement in the efficiency of each planned operation. The automation of the production process is connected primarily with the optimization of production because the elimination of all uncertain and unpredictable elements of the human factor translates into a higher level of reliability of the functions performed. Automation of activities that are only part of the process, such as the assembly of previously prepared elements, and even only their marking, packaging, or labeling can also bring great benefits.


Process optimization

Optimization of production related to automation is combined with acceleration and improvement, in many cases offers greater benefits to the company than measures to improve production in a direct way. Modern automation is able to execute inspections of manufactured items, through group inspections or testing of individual elements. It is possible to monitor processed items to ensure the correctness of the production process.