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Plastmer – producer of plastic components – Wroclaw – we operate locally on this market.

Do you need comprehensive support from a plastic parts manufacturer in Wroclaw? Contact us, we’ll help!


Development of plastics processing technology in Plastmer and associated technologies – digital printing on plastics, screen printing on plastics, or overall decoration on plastics is our primary process as an organization.

We implement existing processing technologies for mass production and adapt them to the product requirements and vice versa – product adaptation for the process.


In PLASTMER, we work with defined goals – product development has to be made to guarantee all requirements fulfillment, the final design has to be optimized in an efficiency point of view.

In response to market demand as a direct producer of plastic components, we have built our headquarter in Smolec / Wroclaw – the capital of Lower Silesia province in POLAND.

Wroclaw is the capital of a highly developed region in the industry and this is a perfect place for Us. We are cooperating with many local production companies.


Plastic processing in Wroclaw’s PLASTMER facility is growing due to the global expansion and increasing local market demand for the product development company of new, innovative goods. We are following market needs by offering our clients comprehensive support in product development and its feasibility analysis. We know how important is to achieve good product design and its influence on mass production stability and repeatability.


At PLASTMER, we work with projects comprehensively – from the idea, through product visualization, design, prototyping, final manufacturing tools, and production automation equipment design with happy end on mass production implementation on Plastmer equipment.

We would like you to review our technological and design support offer. If you find it interested and profitable for your product development – we are available for your questions


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